SEC to hold virtual conferences for Fintech industry players


FinHub, a fintech arm of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will now hold digital meetings for industry players amidst the restrictions by COVID-19.

„To facilitate ongoing communications, FinHub will organize a series of virtual Cryptosoft meetings thematically in the coming months,“ the SEC said in a June 11 statement, adding:

„During each series, FinHub staff will meet virtually any innovators, entrepreneurs or companies who wish to discuss issues related to the theme of that series.

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FinHub began as a way to lead to innovation
FinHub began in late 2018 as a bridge between the expanding technologies and the guidelines that govern them, the office set out to add transparency and contact between public entities and the government agency, as these new financial technologies are sometimes located in legal gray areas.

By providing a platform for individuals and groups to express questions, comments or concerns, FinHub worked largely through „onsite“ meetings last year in various regions, according to the statement, concerns about COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions, however, have encouraged a different form of contact in the future.

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Digital conferencing offers a means from here on
FinHub meetings will cover a wide range of topics in the coming months, „the first topic being regulatory technology (RegTech),“ the statement said, adding:

„Financial services firms are increasingly turning to technological innovation to strengthen and add efficiencies to their compliance programs.

Cointelegraph contacted FinHub for additional details, but has not received a response at the time of this publication, this article will be updated accordingly as a response arrives.